Friday, November 20, 2015

Daily Life: Mr. Peanut Butter

Two months ago, we added a new member to our little family! Growing up, I never really kept cats as pets, we only had dogs. However, at the last house we lived at, our roommates had cats and somehow I fell in love with the little critters and decided I needed my very own. I picked out this orange guy at the pet rescue center (he was known as Theo back then!) because he walked into my lap and fell over, wanting a belly rub. He's pretty friendly and affectionate. We considered several names for him like Calcifer, Simba, Pan...but in the end we chose Mr. Peanut Butter because it's a character from a cartoon called "Bojack the Horseman," who is actually a dog but, whatever! It cracks me up to call a cat "mister" and his coloring works for the name obviously. By now, we've shortened it to PB, or most often just Peeb, or Peebs.

Bow tie collar from Target.

Harness from Etsy

He has a weird habit of sucking on my clothes. Taken away from his mother too soon, from what I've researched. But still, if any of you cat folks out there have any tips on how to curb this behavior I would love to hear about it! It's cute until he's attacking you for it in the middle of the night, sucking loudly and kneading on your face with his sharp claws. Bad habit aside, he's still an awesome little companion!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Daily Life: Cardinal Love

Earrings by Jabebo from a local nature center.

Mini 2016 wall calendar by Charley Harper.

Cat toy. More on that later!

It seems I'm accumulating cardinal things in the house so let's face it, I think I love the bright little guys. These birds are such a beauty to see on a depressing winter landscape. They're Ohio's state bird, so it was the mascot of my high school, and apparently my new neighborhood now, too. I've mentioned that I'm one of those bird-watching, wild bird freaks before, remember? I can't say they're my number one favorite, but among my top three next to chickadees and bluebirds for sure! (See? Bird nerd.) Anyway, what's your favorite bird?

Saturday, November 7, 2015

What I wore: Flannel 'n Jeans

Plaid shirt: The Buckle
Skinny jeans: American Eagle

Moccasins: Minnetonka

Here's one of my favorite fall outfits lately. This is my take on the typical flannel and jeans outfit that is pretty standard around here. At first I thought maybe this shirt had too much going on, but I had to admit it's totally my style: A little grungey and offbeat - plus, lace! Lace is one of my favorite clothing details for sure, I just think it's really lady like. I also like the high-low hem thing going on because it covers my butt when I wear it with leggings! Haha. This top was a birthday gift from my Mom and she really liked it, so that makes it a pretty special piece to me, even if it is super casual and a basic part of many American wardrobes. I've mentioned my sentimental attachment to clothes before. Anyway, happy fall styling everyone!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Daily Life: Home Sweet Home

Mom's old furniture and a quilt she made for me.

Laminated map that hangs in the kitchen with tea kettle, bottle opener, and single rose & a groovy picture of my Mom and sister from way back when that hangs in the bedroom.

We've got a school theme going in the kitchen, it seems!

A big palm and peace sign key holder to bring some green into the house.

Hello internet folks! I haven't written in awhile, in fact I almost forgot how much I enjoy blogging these past few months - yikes! But really I've just been busy moving, working, going to the school and all that, you know how it is.  So anyway yes we've moved and I snapped just a few photos of the place. I hope to take more soon but I was just excited to post again so here's a few for now!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Sponsors: Accessorizin' with Apparel Candy

Apparel Candy is a clothing and accessory company that carries things like costume jewelry, casual clothes, sunglasses, & cosmetics.  Many items, like wholesale dresses, are sold in packs (more items for a better price), but some things like the purses above, can be bought individually. In fact, all of them are under $10 each.  My favorite is the blue one, I found the little skull embellishment a fun surprise on an otherwise clean and proper  bag.  The metallic gunmetal polish called "Blockbuster" goes with all four bags, and you can get six of them for the price of one Essie or OPI polish. That's one for you and five potential gifts for the ladies in your life.  Or, save the extra few items, go through all of your other clothes and accessories, grab a friend and their unwanted goods, and spend a summer day as flea market vendors. I've sold in a public market twice now, (I posted about it once) with plans to do it again - it's really fun! Maybe you run a shop already? I don't know about you but, some of the best things I've ever bought have been dirt cheap little gems!  Check them out if you're curious.