Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Food and Flags

Romantic little smorgasbord lunch for me and the guy.

New yoga classroom decoration.

"Extra special" deviled eggs, recipe from Joy the Baker.

Monday, July 28, 2014

What I wore: Wood Grains

T-shirt: Forever21
Striped skirt: Thrifted

Earrings: Festival vendor

Tote bag: Fieldguided

Here's a cheap, quick "throw together and go" outfit that I wore mostly while riding around in the car in Southwestern Ohio with Mr. Blue Sky. We went to visit his parents in their little farm town this weekend.  Not much to do in these little corners of the world, let me tell you!  Unless you have a farm of course, those guys are busy from dawn 'til dusk..So anyway, we just enjoyed the simple things: animal spotting, fireworks at the edge of a lake, family chats late into the evening, and lots and lots of landscape gazing.  Though the nearest mall is an hour away, the water eats away hard surfaces, and the air smells like manure, the profound quiet we found there was almost enticing enough for me to want to move deep into the countryside. Almost.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Shop My Stores

Just wanted to announce that I've opened a Store Envy shop with items from my closet, and re-opened my Etsy shop full of quirky vintage stuff.  Happy shopping if you choose to take a look!  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What I wore: The Bird Dress

Bird dress: Mart of China
Capri leggings: Kohl's

Leather ballet flats: Thrifted

Well, looks like I'm officially addicted to printed a-line dresses. Though, I might even call this more of a tunic?  Luckily for Mart of China, I'm 5'4", so it's almost a dress, or just quite a short one I guess (hence the leggings).  Luckily for me, this dress was under 20 bucks. While it's the quality you'd expect, it does fit comfortably and seems sturdy. And I mean, that crazy bird print? I totally had to cave and make this little fast fashion gem mine. Wild birds are my favorite, y'know? If you're thinking about ordering from them, this dress is an XL and I'm dress size 12 - hope that helps!  Anyway, because it's such a loud print, I really tried to keep everything else to a minimum when I wore it to meet with a college adviser. I like the idea of dressing for the job you want while you're still in school - nothin' wrong with being a little overdressed, right?

Saturday, July 12, 2014

What I wore: Blue Roses

Dress: Forever21
Earrings seen before here.

Denim crossbody purse: Thrifted.

Gotta love an occasion to dress up a little, right? I wore this to a wedding at a little park with a pond - it was a great time, as weddings usually are! Choosing this dress was pretty automatic to me, many of the dresses I own are tailored this way - fitted at the waist and flowing away from the body.  But hey what works, works, I guess!  I wore it with the snake sandals I featured once in this post, but unfortunately they broke during this photo session, yikes. Not that we hippies complain about an opportunity to go barefoot, haha.. but oh well -new shoes here I come!