Monday, August 25, 2014

What I wore: Play Clothes

Brown floral romper: Thrifted

Just a quick, no frills outfit for ya today. I feel like rompers (onesies?) pretty much remind me of children, so I'm calling this my adult play outfit or..something, haha. I wore this to do a little shopping with my mom, and then a quick nature walk with my dad. That's the beauty of thrifted things, right? Being able to move & play and not worry about ruining an expensive outfit, yknow?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Product review: Kay's Naturals

So, yeah, I kinda have a thing for pre-packaged healthy snacks!  I feel confident returning to school with an arsenal of these type of things, because it's just so easy. If I bring snacks like this to school with me, it helps deter me from buying fast food sometimes, so on those days you don't have time to prep fancier homemade snacks/lunches, they're a life saver. Imagine my happiness when Kay's Naturals sent me two different protein-packed snacks.  Let's talk about 'em, shall we?

Jalapeno honey mustard pretzel sticks: These were pretty good, and did taste as advertised.  However, the jalapeno flavor was subtle and personally I like spicy stuff, so I could totally handle it if they upped the spice factor.  I dipped them in a little fancy mustard too, which was so satisfying.

Veggie pizza puffs: These were my favorite, because they do indeed taste just like pizza! I don't know about you, but I'm a bit of a shameless pizza addict.  Anyway, I preferred the airy, crunchy texture of the puffs as opposed to the sticks, too.  At 12 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, and only 110 calories per package, I could get used to keeping these around occasionally.

If you're looking to try some new snack foods too, you can feel good about trying out Kay's Naturals.  In fact, if ya do, use the code "joy" at checkout for 30% off!  If you're interested, you can also read about their ethics, ingredients, and more on their blog, or sign up for their newsletter!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Community, or Sangha

1. Rachel who writes For the Birds 2. Me! 3. Abby at Les Bottes D'Eleanor 4. Jessica from Midwest Muse

Let's talk yogic philosophy - you know: ideas, principles, mental disciplines..that kind of stuff.  An idea I've learned through yoga classes that I've thought about heavily for recent years now, in Sanskrit, is called sangha.  In English, it is "a supportive community." What does that look like in your life? This is what one of my communities looks like. Today I got to hang out with a few other local bloggers to take outfit photos, tinker with crafts (I'll try to photograph what I "made"), graze on light summery foods, and talk blog stuff & beyond! When you meet people who understand the things you love (aw, blogging I love you..haha), it really nourishes a part of the soul.

Community, to me, simply means helping people.  It means admitting you are not some lone, shiny, all-important star with everyone else revolving around you.  No person on Earth can do all the things they want to do alone, that's a fact. And when people come together to share & accomplish things, well that's the magic of sangha.  Blogging is a fun one woman show, but it gets lonesome, it being the introvert paradise that it is.  So today I felt very grateful for their uplifting presence and good advice.  I only hope I can return the favor. Never forget to give back or show love to the people who support you, right?

Friday, August 8, 2014

Mantra of the Month: For Strength

 A mantra is a sound, word, or phrase that is repeated over and over to yourself, whether out-loud or not.  The purpose of a mantra is to help you concentrate or achieve a goal!  Anyway, I use them all the time to get myself through rough situations, so I thought I'd introduce one of my personal mantras to you guys here once a month.  The first theme is strength! "Make me strong, so I can give!" is actually the last line in a short story for kids (Jose! Born to Dance by Susanna Reich) that I read in a 4th grade textbook while I worked at a school.  It seriously stuck with me, maybe changed my life a little, even?

I interpret this phrase to mean that you should work hard or take good care of yourself so that you are functional in body & mind to help other people. I constantly remind myself that any healthy habit I practice is for this reason.  It's really quite a moving, motivating thought! For example, I think of it often when I'm doing reps during exercise.  If you try it, I hope it works for you! Have you ever practiced any kind of mantra before?

Monday, August 4, 2014

What I wore: Blades of Grass

Green printed dress: Thrifted
Long Cardigan: Urban Outfitters

Plaid flats: Delia's

This dress is my life right now! I've worn it to do pretty much every kind of activity that life has called for, and its comfort level is whats proven it a winner in my book.  Plus, the fabric has this way of moving and flowing that makes a girl feel lovely and floaty (is that a word? Do y'know what I mean?).  I love how clothes can give you presence and even a little power or motivation to move more freely and confidently through the day..  Feel free to leave a link to one of your favorite dresses, or something you've worn that just makes you feel amazing!