Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What I wore: Hooded Vests

Orange printed thermal: Billabong
Crochet vest: Daytrip
Wine leggings: American Eagle (seen before here)
Hood: From an old Hot Topic jacket

White thermal shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: American Eagle
Jean vest: H&M
Knitted hood: Etsy

I have come to the realization that I am a huge fan of vests. Look how many I have posted so far!: One, two, three, four...and now the list goes on! Vests are just a great way to add visual interest to any outfit without adding too much bulk. They come in an insane amount of styles, and they're easy to add DIY touches to, which is kinda what I did with these two. I love hoods almost as much as I love vests, so I thought the hood was a fun, personal addition to the crochet and denim vests above. Safety pins and buttons were used to attach the hoods on these two. These are both outfits that were worn hiking and were comfy as can be. I feel my best in clothes that allow me to move or walk around in comfortably all day, even outside, so that's why you'll find practically no heels here! 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Daily Life: Summer Outtakes 2016

An orange pleated skirt I thrifted recently.

Praying mantis in the backyard.

A magical door in the magical town of Yellow Springs, Ohio. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Sponsors: Purse Obsession

Well internet, it's time we talk about cheap purses again! Honestly, as much as I would love to invest in high quality, expensive bags, I just can't do it because I would be too scared to lose or damage them. So all of my purses in my little collection are all under $50, with many being under $10. Naturally when Purse Obsession (an affordable wholesale handbag distributor) contacted me to tell you about their online store I decided hey, maybe some of you feel the same way. Sometimes I hesitate to shop on certain sites if I don't love each & every thing they offer, but nowadays I think that I can find something I like just about anywhere if I dig through the selections long enough. So above are my three favorites from Purse Obsession, and you can visit each product by clicking the numbers beneath the photo. I like the red bag because it's a nice cherry, poppy-like shade of red and I know the roomy-ness and simple construction will work well in a professional environment. The second is a small cross-body bag with mossy oak camo print and embellished Western belt buckle. In fact, they have a ton of Western-style handbags if that's what you're into. I'm kind of obsessed with camo print these days and cross-body bags are my life, so that one was a no-brainer for me. The third bag I loved mostly for its colors, as these shades of brown and the studded detailing gave me some glam disco vibes of the 1970's. Recently I watched The Get Down on Netflix and found the styling pretty inspirational. Usually when I thought of the 1970's I thought hippie clothes, so disco fashion just wasn't on my radar until I saw that show, and now I'm obsessed. In fact, now I'm on the hunt for some kind of metallic striped dress, so we'll see how that goes!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Daily Life: Gotta Eat

Homemade poutine that I threw together with frozen fries, a gravy packet, and cottage cheese.

Cinnamon chicken, kalamata olives, cucumber spears, and herb yogurt sauce.

Honey garlic cauliflower recipe found here, plus a salted tomato.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Daily Life: Highs and Lows

Floral body suit: Forever21
Olive utlity skirt: Prana

I was given sage as a gift and finally burned it before and after a very important test I took.

Fell off my bike for the first time! The outfit I'm wearing has been shown here before.

A heavenly lilac perfume. I've enjoyed their persian rose scent too, which I posted about on instagram.

Old pogs that Mr. Blue Sky made into magnets for our refrigerator. I used to have these as a kid, too. Pogs n' slammers, y'know? Notice the ASL pog!