Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Fall Outtakes 2016

Woolrich dress: Thrifted

Pink knit trapeze dress: American Eagle

It's been awhile since I've posted outtakes! If you haven't checked them out, you can see last year's outtake photos here. I really debated about putting these up, but I wear these outfits often for casual occasions like getting coffee on the weekend, going for walks, or even to class. I thought I'd share them even though they aren't my favorite outfits and didn't warrant posts of their own. Anyway, I'm actually excited for cold weather looks this year. I'm hoping to capture a Christmas outfit but we'll see if time and the weather cooperate!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Daily Life: Your Parents Were Hippies

These photos are from a grassroots movement march I went to in October, the purpose of which was to raise awareness about how deaf people struggle to be hired and to have their communication and educational needs better met. The other is a photo of Mr. Blue Sky after a 10 or 11 hour work day getting ready for a night of rest in his Calvin & Hobbes hoodie.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

What I wore: Urban Elizabethan

Gray fleece skirt: Thrifted

Sweater seen before here.

The graffiti in this particular location often changes; I notice because I often walk it, it is the path to a friend's house. I saw the weird sun-like art and snapped it quickly, but then noticed above it that it read: "with all do respect, hail Satan and take meth!" Which is creepy and quite sad...

Knitted pompom collar necklace: c/o Above the Canopy

I'm not sure I've shared this here before, but I am a big fan of TV re-tellings of the Queen Elizabeth I story (and other monarchs of the time). When I saw this necklace? Collar? Wearable piece of art? I decided it is the closest thing I have to her infamous collars. This piece was an Etsy find, and the more I found out about the maker the more I wanted to support the product. Lizzy, the artist, uses environmentally-conscious materials to make her knitted necklaces which are comfortable, functional, and unique. As per usual, I decided to play with textures here with rib knits, fleece, and nylon. The first time I wore this sweater it was styled in more of a sporty, athletic wear way, whereas this time around I was going for feminine but functional, again in an urban setting during the cold months. This shade of orange is a little shocking, so I kept everything else simple and let the color and necklace be the points of interest for this outfit. I think this is one of those colors that looks great on anyone!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Daily Life: Rest & Relaxation

Mr. Blue Sky making some perler bead art in his Las Vegas hat.

My 3 favorite scents for home, the middle is Volcano by Capri Blue.

A few books I've currently read/am reading. Did you know Amy Schumer knows some ASL?

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What I wore: Hooded Vests

Orange printed thermal: Billabong
Crochet vest: Daytrip
Wine leggings: American Eagle (seen before here)
Hood: From an old Hot Topic jacket

White thermal shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: American Eagle
Jean vest: H&M
Knitted hood: Etsy

I have come to the realization that I am a huge fan of vests. Look how many I have posted so far!: One, two, three, four...and now the list goes on! Vests are just a great way to add visual interest to any outfit without adding too much bulk. They come in an insane amount of styles, and they're easy to add DIY touches to, which is kinda what I did with these two. I love hoods almost as much as I love vests, so I thought the hood was a fun, personal addition to the crochet and denim vests above. Safety pins and buttons were used to attach the hoods on these two. These are both outfits that were worn hiking and were comfy as can be. I feel my best in clothes that allow me to move or walk around in comfortably all day, even outside, so that's why you'll find practically no heels here!