Monday, November 12, 2012

What I wore: Wild Life

Coat: Forever21
Concord dress: thrifted
Tights: Claire's

Boots, socks, and spacey bag all thrifted.

Rock bracelets: Thrifted, craft festival.

It was freakishly warm this weekend, what a gift! Mr. Blue Sky and I had a grand ole time flirting, snapping pictures, and chasing each other around in the sunshine at one of my favorite places in the area, Boettler Park in Akron. There's pretty much just ONE big reason why I love to visit...

I've loved horses ever since I was young. As a kid I remember collecting horse figures, asking for them to be included in stories that my Mom made up to tell me, and I'm pretty sure I had ponies for a birthday or two! Not sure what it is that draws me to them, something in their eyes? Or the wild, roaming free thing? Maybe they're my spirit animal... what do you think, got a special creature that strikes you?

I also happen to love wild birds, so expect to see plenty in the future! Awesome photo of this little guy by Mr. Blue Sky. Dad (bird watching veteran) says this guy is black capped Chickadee. Time to get a field guide book, dang it!

This was our first outfit photoshoot! I forgot to snap a close up of the jacket, but it will definitely show up here again. It'll be absolutely frigid in a few weeks, and perhaps taking outfit photos will force me to get outside a little each day, get a little Vitamin D or um..something. Yikes! I don't really have an indoor spot with natural lighting, so I'm considering trying to create something. Any ideas? Guess we'll just have to wait & see!

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