Sunday, December 30, 2012

Blogger Interviews: Outfit Photos

Introducing a new topic here - blog advice, yep, because it sure is nice to find some help when you're trying to start one! Personally, I'm pretty shy and not always sure what do to, or how to be confident when the camera turns on. So I bothered some brave, beautiful & photogenic bloggy gals to see if they had any advice. Hope their words help a budding blogger as much as they did me!

Ashley of Fancy Fine

"I'll be honest, I usually feel like a bit of a goober in front of the camera... but I guess after many years of being photographed I've just accepted it. I think it takes time before you're truly comfortable. When I'm being photographed I try to move around a bit to loosen myself up... I think things look too stiff and posed otherwise. I also let myself crack up, which usually isn't hard because I love nothing more than joking around with the person taking my photo. That explains the overabundance of photos where I'm laughing! ;)

Sometimes I might start off feeling a bit shy but after a while I start feeling more natural... so taking lots of photos might help you. It's always better to have way more than you actually need and then just pick the very best ones. I think maybe at first you should just embrace your shyness in front of the camera... perhaps in most of the shots you can be looking away instead of directly at the camera. Or have the person shooting you just follow you around doing whatever you normally do until you've almost forgotten your photo is being snapped."

Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky

"When I'm shooting outfit photos, I try to be as natural as possible, which usually means I need to be away from people who might watch me and make me self conscious, though I am getting better at ignoring people and being able to be natural when people are around.  I find that "acting" a bit helps with looking natural (even though that seems contradictory).  In order to get a genuine smile, rather than a fake looking smile, I'll giggle or laugh, because then I'm smiling like I would in a real situation.  I also like to get some movement in my photos, so I'll do some photos while I'm mid-stride, or jumping, that way my body isn't stiff or posed.  I have my camera set on self timer and once the self timer goes off it takes 6 photos in a row, like *snap*snap*snap*snap*snap*snap* so I can move around and, though some of those six photos might look silly or dumb, I have a better chance of catching the right moment in the movement.  I almost always use a tripod and self timer, so things are a bit different if you're shooting with a photographer.  I find it's best if you're shooting with someone you trust and can be natural in front of as they're shooting.  "

"When I first started with my blog, I was anything but confident with having photos snapped of myself.  As I am a short and curvy kind of gal, I had to get past the notion that tall and slender types look better in photos than I ever would.    Who really cares if that is true or not?  I blog because I love dressing up and expressing my personal style.  I adore vintage clothing and pretty dresses - that's that and why should my height or weight really matter?  Once I learned to embrace my figure, the photo-taking became a lot easier.  Doing it over and over again has been one of the biggest helps to make me feel more at ease with the whole strange world of personal style blogging.  I just try to have fun with it and never take it too seriously.  My husband takes my photos for me, so most times we are just carrying on and being goobers :)  This seems to work for me with getting a good shot.  I've learned to never force "photo shoots" - if I'm in a rush or in a bad mood and just want to take pictures for the sake of taking pictures, they rarely turn out good.  For me at least, it has to be a natural thing - which in the end makes me feel more confident.

A pretty backdrop or location always helps to showcase the outfit and make your photos a little more interesting.  As I'm a busy mom, I rarely have time to travel to special location to take photos but I will say I'm lucky enough to live in a neighborhood that boasts several lakes, a beach area, and plenty of trees, so a few steps outside my door to snap a few shots is usually the route I go.  Besides that,  I will work pictures into my errands - like a stop at the local park on my way home from the grocery store, to play with my son and snap a couple photos on the side.  Also, most of my photos are taken during "golden hour" - the hour before sunset.  I find that the lighting is much warmer and softer and much less prone to creating shadows all over my face.  Lastly, if you have a DSLR camera, learn the ins and outs of it and don't rely on shooting in auto mode all the time.  I typically shoot in aperture priority or manual and adjust my ISO accordingly to the lighting I am in.  I was pretty lost at first and I'm still far from being a pro, but with practice and patience I am getting the hang of it.  If you don't have a fancy schmancy camera - no worries!  For the first year or two that I blogged, I shot my photos from my cell phone or little point and shoot camera. (It can be done!)  Just make sure you have adequate lighting, an interesting backdrop, and snap plenty of detail shots and you will be good to go!"


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