Friday, December 28, 2012

What I wore: Super Natural

Mexican blanket hoody: Thrifted
Black leggings: Target

Turtle necklace: Borrowed from Dad

Young buck. He seemed nervous (raised hair on his back!) but curious!


I wore this to go see The Hobbit with my Dad, we snuck in little oranges and sunflower seeds, and along with the popcorn had a lovely little lunch too! Afterwards we pulled over to take photos of some of the (seemingly) 8 billion deer in the neighborhood.  One of Dad's favorite hobbies seems to be keeping them away from the garden in summertime, but I'm always happy to see them moseying around.  I've been at home at the Marsh House this week and while the holiday was really nice, I'm ready to get back to hangin' out with Mr. Blue Sky!


  1. The photos of the buck are amazing! You look so much warmer than I ever am taking outfit photos. How was the Hobbit? I'm so bad at seeing movies in theaters, but I really want to!

    1. The Hobbit was awesome! It was worth seeing it in 3D :) But at home on the couch/in bed is totally my favorite so I hear ya!

  2. Great pictures! I like your glasses :)