Monday, January 28, 2013

Duck Season

Pekin duck
Print on a shirt I thrifted today.

Muscovy duck.

Today was super gray, rainy & slushy, but because of the mild temperature we went for a walk between errand running this afternoon anyway! I'm glad we did because we found new types of ducks & geese we hadn't seen before! I had fun identifying them when I got home. This outfit is about as casual as you can get, but I really enjoy the exploring/camp/outdoorsy print on the shirt! I tried to keep it simple and warm, and while it's not my favorite outfit ever, I think it served its purpose today, and Mr. Blue Sky liked it so looks like it's a keeper!


  1. Ahhh, that shirt is perfect! Such a fabulous print. <3

  2. holy cow i cant believe you were outside i that weather. you got some amazing shots though, that duck is so cool never seen one like that before. and another awesome print on that top! love that coat & bag too.