Monday, January 21, 2013

Studio Tour: Branches of Wellness

This studio is probably my favorite one hands down. Always will be! I took my first yoga class here 3 years ago.  It's located in Fairport, OH.

I taught class for 3 months in this space (my first time teaching) and it was an awkward but lesson-rich experience! 

Though the space is beautiful and has been touched by many loving hands, it is not a shiny upscale, boutique-y yoga studio. That is exactly why I love it so much.

Hand-painted mural by local artist.

Branches of Wellness is also a very creative space. One of my favorites they offer is a super restorative yoga class combined with visiting reiki healers. They are even hoping to start a combination yoga/hula hoop class one day!  If you're ever in the Cleveland area, I highly suggest you check this humble space out!

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  1. Cool photos! I have always wanted to do yoga, but never ventured to an actual studio. That mural is stunning, and props to you on teaching it!