Sunday, January 6, 2013

What I wore: Frozen Beach

I had a few loose ends to tie up in the Marsh, so we visited my parents for a day.  Mr. Blue Sky just wanted to see the beach, so I piled on shirts, tights, slips and socks and actually managed to stay cozy in this dress (coat not shown because you've seen it before)! I'm pretty darn fond of it because it was a thrifted gift from my bestest pal, Bethani.  She's off traveling but I can't wait to reunite soon!  She's a pretty stylish gal & her style (ok, life!) has really influenced mine :) Anyway, turns out once you dress for the season it's actually pretty easy to appreciate! Duh, right?

Hat: Thrifted
Dress: Gift
Cropped sweater: Thrifted

Patchwork scarf: Forever21

Mature buck, older than this young lad we saw recently!


  1. I love your sweater and wherever Marsh is -- it's beautiful.

    1. Mentor! If you've never been to the Headlands Beach you really should go this summer! :)

  2. It looks so beautiful there and you look lovely!

  3. What a magical looking outing you had! I need to start dressing appropriate for the whether, I am sure it is much easier to enjoy the winter that way :]