Monday, January 14, 2013

Thoughts on: Blogging & Depression

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Depression is a normal human emotion, something we all feel to different degrees at certain points during our lives. What I'm tryin' to say is: blogging could make ya happy! So I thought I'd jot down 10 reasons why blogging might help someone out of a slump. Or, reasons why you should start a blog if you're considering it. Das right, blog therapy.

1. Getting out/taking action. In order to photgraph and tell stories about adventures, you must go out & experience them aka have fun!

2. Goal setting. A blog is a bit of work, won't lie to ya. It involves organizing, planning & setting deadlines, and there are lots of little tasks that are the keys to its success. But getting things done feels pretty good, right? It's really not very stressful - it is a hobby after all! - but you know what they say: what you put in, you get out.

3. Following a routine. Once you've figured out what kind of subjects/posts you're going to stick with, experiment with a posting schedule. This gives readers faith that you'll keep posting and won't disappoint them when they visit. Routines just help ya stay sane!

4. Development and discovery of new interests. Keeping a blog puts everything out in front of you and requires a little reflection. Watch yourself grow or change.

5. Connection to others. Blogging is a pretty low pressure way to socialize and I mean hey, it's fun to chat & collaborate with other bloggy folk! Great way to meet people.

6. Potential for profit. Getting paid to do something you really like doing? That should make anyone happy!

7. Self expression. Blog about the things YOU are interested in, it's your little space to speak your mind & do what you wish.

8. Documentation. It's pretty much a journal or scrap book of your life and all that you love. You'll probably find joy in and maybe even thank yourself for keeping a record down the road!

9. On photographing yourself... A reason to get dressed in the morning! Helps with body image issues - and we all got 'em.

10. Inspire others. Maybe your blog will make someone else happy and inspire them to do something they enjoy. Win/win!


  1. this post is perfect. I never thought to look at it this way, but it makes perfect sense. Also your new redesign is so awesome and totally your personality.


    It's people like you who inspires others to continue writing and blogging. I've never shared anyone's post before but this is one post that I believe should be shared out as widely as possible!

    There are times where I keep thinking if I should continue blogging because it seems a bit pointless at certain times because knowing that the amount of work you've put in to blog a post and yet no one reads it could be depressing at times but this, this post really just renewed my faith to the very first time I started blogging!

    Thank you Megan, really!