Friday, January 4, 2013

Nails: Swedish floral & Falling stars

Back to girly stuff! Recently I've been having a little fun with nail art. It's actually a pretty relaxing thing to do while you're catching up on shows! I've got a few more ideas, but here are two designs I've tried. The one above was done with a flat-head pin stuck into a mechanical pencil eraser. Pretty easy! I used these bottles:

Essie Blanc, Sally Hansen Black Out, Essie Geranium.

Two coats base color, one coat stars. Clear over top would have been a good idea!

Wet n' Wild Hollywood Walk of Fame, OPI Significant Other Color


  1. I have that Fergie polish!! It took me about 6 different trips to 6 different CVS's around here to find it, but I did. :) And I love your first mani. It reminds me a lot of the Jason Wu collection from Target last year. Very cute! <3


  2. So sweet!! You are seriously the cutest EVER. Have a super happy first weekend of 2013! Just stopping by from Sugar and Dots to say hello. :) XO