Friday, January 11, 2013

What I wore: Rainbow Play

Connect with nature, it'll make you feel better! Today was a whopping 50 degrees or so and I was so grateful to roam in the sun for awhile.  Mr. Blue Sky and I are dreaming of road trip camp travel stuff when the weather warms up, but luckily there are tons of great local parks!  I practically floated around this one, just happy to be alive (though the iced coffee I drank beforehand may have had something to do with that, heh), lost in thought, while the guy experimented with the ice and did a little geocaching.  

Black body suit: H&M
Purple zip sweatshirt: American Apparel
Patterned skirt: Thrifted

Mittens: Target


  1. Ohh I love those mittens! So cute.

  2. the mittens are so cute! ah, and just from target?! i can't believe it!

    lindsey louise

  3. The mittens are so cute! I always seem to go through several pair of gloves and mittens each year. I leave them all over the place or one of them jumps out of my pocket.

  4. i love your glasses!
    such a cute outfit

  5. Camping is so fun! I haven't been in forever but I really want to take my son. He'll be 3 this year, so he'll probably love it. I love your mittens. Those are so cute! <3