Saturday, January 26, 2013

Portrait Photography: The Fox King

Practicing your tough look, huh?

We had a big snow today so for most of the afternoon we stayed in, ate frozen pizza, drank tea, and hung out indoors (him, "video game therapy" and me, a much needed formal home yoga session).  It was all decided that we were going to stay in and hibernate when I remembered this silly fox hat he has.  I knew I wanted some pictures of him wearing it in the snow, so today he skeptically obliged.  I was the one to drag him into cold weather this time though, let it be known! Haha.  But the fresh air, hot stove, skips through the snow, and pretty snow-covered views had him singing when we got home.


  1. Now that is an epic hat! I really just love anything fox-related :-) Pretty snow pics...sounds very much so like my weekend - snowed in, drinking plenty of tea and eating pizza.

    1. Yes, foxes are so popular right now haha I really like them too! Lucky us to have comforting food & handsome companions to wait winter out with, huh? :)