Friday, January 18, 2013

Weekly Salad: Starting Simple

Romaine lettuce
Broccoli florets
Carrots, julienned
Brown Rice


In an attempt to be a little healthier, I'm implementing a salad once a week rule for myself! Right now a salad shows up on my plate like...every once in a blue moon. This one is just a simple buffet mix I got from Mr. Blue Sky's cafeteria at work. It's so not replacing the pizza once a week gig I seem to accidentally/religiously enjoy, but I like to live by the adding things idea when it comes to diet planning, as opposed to restricting or removing things. I don't really follow a strict diet at all (omnivore and all-around food lover here!), but my mantra is basically "eat green stuff & get off your ass more" when it comes to health and fitness, haha. It seems to be working, slowly but surely! I've lost 30 pounds over the last 3 years.

To be honest, I am finally happy with my body and weight. Over the years, I have come to the decision to just accept my body however it is, and to allow it to change as it may. We are impermanent beings after all so, why be so attached? Since I began practicing yoga, it has allowed me a stronger mind/body connection, so now I am more aware of what I put into my body and how it makes me feel.

Salads aren't my absolute favorite thing to eat, but since the blender broke and my smoothie dreams are dashed for the moment - I think I can try this out for awhile! I do kind of feel physically awesome/like a super hero or something after I eat one though, ya know what I mean?

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