Monday, February 25, 2013

Local Bloggers Brunch!

Takin' outfit photos with lovely gals Lauren (pictured) and Jessica. Thanks doods!

Top, corduroy skirt & cardigan: Thrifted
Lilac tights: c/o We Love Colors (which are fantastic, perfect fit & so soft and color saturated!)

Wing earrings: H&M

BP 'Sidney' Oxfords (in 'Mushroom,' heh!): Nordstrom

My meal choice: lox, cream cheese & capers on a bagel.  Omg, yum!

We visited a vintage store afterwards, more on that later!

This photo belongs to Erin, thank you!

What a fun event!  Erin from Zero Style organized a little blogger meet-up, and I'm so glad she did.  We're all within a 2 hour or so radius, so we had ladies from Cleveland, Akron, Pittsburgh, and in between.  After lunch at an old favorite of mine, Touch Supper Club, we wandered around a vintage shop packed with beautiful nostalgic goods.  The ladies were all very kind and charming in person :) I'd nerd out about bloggy stuff with any of them again in a heartbeat! I've been enjoying each of their blogs, so if you aren't familiar I'd like to introduce you!

From left to right:
Me :D
Liz - Yellow Finch Designs
Julie - Orchid Grey
Mandy - The Curvy Blogger
Erin - Zero Style
Jessica - Midwest Muse
Lauren - Someone Like You
Mandi - Making Nice in the Midwest

(Not pictured):
Dina - Dina's Days
Jaclyn - Sharing My Sole
Karina - Beach and Dress
Katy - Sugar and Chiffon


  1. fun! blogger meet ups are the best.

  2. Pretty outfit! Nice glasses.

  3. what a great group of gals for a meet up! i can only imagine the how fun it must have been!

  4. Replies
    1. You should come next time, Katherine! :)

  5. your meal looked so yummy! I was thinking i should have either ordered that or the huge pancakes haha
    it was lovely meeting you for a little bit, i hope we can do this soon again!

  6. I loved your outfit! And I'm dying to get back to Touch for brunch. Those potato pancakes were the BEES KNEES!

  7. I loved reading about your blogger meetup on Jessica's blog! Looks like so much fun, I want to start something like that here in LA :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  8. It was so nice to finally meet you and thanks again so much for driving us to the thrift shops! I hope to see all of you again sometime!

  9. wow it is SO awesome how so many of you got to meet up!! i had no idea there were so many of you relatively close! that thrift store looks amazing & I love how comfy and 70s your outfit looks. totally something i'd sport.