Monday, February 11, 2013

Support yer favorite blogs!

"We are but a moment's sunlight fading in the grass." -- Get Together by The Youngbloods (1967)

I thought I would share some personal thoughts on blogging with you guys this time.  Here are a few tips I wrote out for supporting and networking with other bloggy folk, perhaps they'll help you!  I'm no expert but this is what I've learned so far :)  

1. Follow. “Following” is easy. It allows you to browse all the blogs you read regularly in one place. Combined with a cup of coffee I’d call that a fun little relaxing thing to do! I'm kind of addicted actually, so I follow blogs pretty liberally.  Before I started blogging, I would just bookmark my favorites and visit them that way. Now that I write one myself, I see how much more organized it is to use a reader – plus it supports the blog! The number of followers is important to potential sponsors. And I mean, how much time or effort does it really take to press the follow button, yanno?

2. Comment. Let yourself be heard! Express your opinion or start a conversation if you actually want to get to know the person behind the blog :)

3. Link. Linking your favorite blogs in your sidebar under “friends & sponsors” is a good way to show off what you enjoy and share it with others. If you’re just beginning a blog, it’s nice to link to your faves before you start getting paying sponsors because it’s good to have examples of ad spots.  Or if you use content from someone else's space -- that's a must!

4. Sponsor. Sponsoring benefits everyone. Swapping advertisements is a good way to get started with that. Many times the funds gained from paid ads go to paying for advertisement on other sites, so it actually increases sponsor exposure, too! Don't be afraid to pay for advertising on other blogs -- it's worth it!

5. Collaborate. Find a project to work on together with other bloggers or businesses. This can be arranging a blogger meet up, swapping advertisements & packages, making a video, hosting a giveaway for someone’s product or service, etc!  You could even send something to a blogger you admire -- be generous!

Like I say, feel free to tack on your own two cents, or just leave your blog address if you'd like, because I really do love visiting new ones!


  1. Great Tips, Megan! Really enjoying your blog and will be following along :)


  2. I love these tips - I think a lot of people don't realize that each comment, follow, etc means so much! I get excited and a real push to keep going each time I see a new follower or a nice comment.

  3. These are all great tips, I do my best at doing all these daily, with regulars and with new blogs I peek at. If I get a new comment I always comment back :-)

  4. very true, all of it. The linking (or retweeting and fb sharing) is especially easy and adds a lot. It creates community.