Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sweet Lorain

Vintage heaven, yepyep.  Went a little mad with happiness running around here, so fun!

Whooo doesn't love owls these days, y'know? (I'm a nerd, it's true!)

I've decided it's time to find the perfect hat, but in this case it was too many hats, too little time!

Should've brought a pair home, darn it.

 Eek, love da shiny.

So yes, this is where we went after the bloggy brunch this past weekend.  This was only half the place, actually :O I didn't have enough time or pennies to dare to look too much in the other large room, but this was quite enough for me.  Man, I fell on the this place like a lion on a wildebeest! In fact, the whole pack (pride?) of us did.  Visual overload!  There were garments and accessories from the 30s thru the 70s, and all of it so carefully curated.  I found a little 70's sweater I'm excited to wear in the spring, for one! And hey I got to chat with the owner a bit, he totally haggled with me like a pro and told me about a shop closer to Akron. Yay for successful vintage hunts, haha!


  1. I wish I had known about this place on my last trip to Ohio. It looks awesome! So much cute stuff!

  2. EE!!! How fun! I want to go there, its' near my in laws it looks like.

  3. Whoa! My brain is about to explode from all that awesomeness.

  4. Yes this place as overload on the eyes, but I loved it. Great photos!

  5. hey i've just found your blog and i love it :) these pictures are so lovely and colourful!Makes me want to be there... have a nice day!
    Beth :)

  6. What an amazing place!! I love love all the mushrooms and owls all in one place!! Wish I could visit :)

    xo Felicia
    A Flower Of The Sky