Friday, March 1, 2013

The Breath: Part One

Prana is Sanskirt for "life-force energy" or simply "life." I like to define it as the collective energy of all living things. More straightforwardly: The soul! It is the universal energy that we all share.  It is the fact that we are all made of the same stuff or matter.  It is a life-giving energy...the force which creates and animates. The 'original' energy that made the existence we experience. Maybe this energy is what many would call God.

According to Yoga, it is not the breath itself, the oxygen we breathe, but it is influenced by the breath (after all, the breath is the thing that animates us). The idea is that how we breathe determines how we live.  I think the idea of Prana was brought about for therapeutic purposes.  It is believed that we can direct this flow of energy and heal ourselves by paying attention to our breathing.  There are several different breathing techniques we use in Yoga.  These practices are called pranayama, which means "breath control," or essentially "life control." I'll share those with you next time! Until then, what are your thoughts on all this far-out Prana energy stuff?

By the way, the illustrations here are all created by a darlin' Miss Rachel Sullivan.  I love her style, so if you are looking for any kind of artwork I highly suggest working with her! You can find her blog here, and her shop here, where she sells some of her work.


  1. One of my old friends from high school is a yoga teacher and when I was pregnant with my son, she taught me a lot of breathing exercises for having a natural birth. I definitely believe that the energy you feel within the act of breathing can have a great impact on how you feel! I really like learning about all of this! And that artwork is very beautiful! Hope you have a great weekend! <3


    1. I'm so glad you're interested, thanks for sharing that they helped you too! :)