Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I wore: Tiny Guardian

I have been wearing variations of this dress for like two weeks!  I like the minimalist tailoring (goes with everything, easy, yay!)  and it's so warm! And you remember this necklace, right? I love this little scorpion guy, he's like a protective amulet over my heart.
Painted bricks in the house.

Dress, granny sweater, scorpion necklace: Thrifted
Sweater tights: Kohl's
Snow boots: Zappos (long ago)

Another 'lovely' feature of the house.
Back o' da boots.

So yeah, taking outfit photos in the cold has been challenging (honestly this outfit is not ready for a hike without another layer of tights!) but I had fun with this minimal/white theme that was kinda just inspired by the  typical garage backdrop.  I can't wait to find more random places to take photos! Maybe I'm weird, but my last outfit was shot outside of a Thai restaurant we just happened to be driving by.  My new method of finding locations is just pulling over if we see an interesting spot when we're out & about! 


  1. I love these neutral colors, and the scorpion necklace is way cool!


  2. Woah, this is such a cool necklace. I love your chunky cardigan too! I am with you with taking pictures in the cold, it sucks big time. I found your blog through Rachel's ^^ and it's so cute!

  3. I'm absolutely in love with these boots, they look so cosy! That dress looks fantastic on you, I love basics like this, so easy to re-style xo

  4. I like that you're comfortable pulling over anywhere to take a photo. I'm super awkward about outfit photos. I try to find secluded spots (usually out in the woods!).

    I love each and every piece in this outfit. You could style each one in so many different ways.

    1. Posing is a totally different story though.. haha I don't know about you but I need to take modeling lessons or a graceful lady seminar or something lol It's fun to try, though! Thanks for the kind words :)

  5. I love the simplicity of your outfit here w/ the neutrals; that dress & sweater were great finds!! and that necklace is super cool, i actually used to have that same thing but not the necklace kind when i was a kid and always admired them for some reason... along w/ my rock collection (no joke) haha.