Wednesday, March 27, 2013

10 Tips for Meditation

1. Set time aside: Make sure you are going to be alone for awhile.  It doesn't feel very good when you are super rushed or someone may enter the space, etc. Try setting a quiet alarm (relaxing stuff at low volume or maybe just on vibrate).  Remember that you’re doing a kind thing for yourself!

2. Find a quiet place: Find a quiet place wherever you are, whatever situation you may be in.  Work with the space(s) you have.  Outside in nature is especially wonderful!

3. Give up expectations: Try not to set goals or be too strict/serious about it. Give up, let ideas and feelings come naturally, allow it to be a spontaneous experience. But also, just briefly consider what you might be looking for.  Healing?  Wisdom? Peace & relaxation, right?

4. Focus on the breath:  This is pretty much my most important piece of advice.  Remember that you are looking to maintain a breath pattern that soothes the nervous system, improves brain function, and overall may improve your state of health & happiness!

5. Relax the body:  Make sure you are in a comfortable position, perhaps against a wall cross-legged, using props under the knees, seat, etc.  Scan your body, consciously think of each body part relaxing, and it will.

6. Withdraw your senses:  Try to focus more internally, on your thoughts & breathing, rather than anything going on outside of the body (common daily noise, anything inside the room, etc).  Allow yourself to feel safe.

7. Use a mantra:  Not gonna lie, I totally took one of my favorites from Disney’s “The Lion King,” where Mufasa is all like “remember who you are, Simba!” lol So I like to say remember who you are, as in - remember the good things about you, the good you can do.  That got me through a few things. Another I like is "grace brings contentment," which I read at the end of my tea bag the other day :)

8. Be kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up for the thoughts that arise.  Just notice them and let them go. Try to name how you're feeling.

9. Be creative: Consider other methods.  For instance, moving, guided, and/or group meditation are all different experiences aimed at the same idea, which is to clear or quiet the mind.  

10. Keep at it: Practice often. It doesn’t have to be as formal as you think.  Experiment with when, where, for how long, whatever sort of schedule (or non-schedule) you want.  But try to keep at it over time, even if you go long periods of time without doing it.

Personally, I find myself meditating most during times of stress or sadness.  Recently I've decided that it is the closest thing to praying I have ever felt, and during these instances I have spontaneously found myself closer to, or more understanding - of God (or the gods, goddess, universe, Ja, Allah.. whatever!).  Meditating has helped me observe my life patterns and improve myself so that I might also somehow improve the world. I can't say that I prefer doing it alone or allowing someone to guide me in a group, because it has been a powerful practice for me either way.  

Anyway, so, just to review: Why meditate? Because it helps us feel better and live a healthier, more peaceful life!  The most important thing? Whenever your thoughts wander or tension arises - go back to the breath. Do you guys practice meditation at all? Is it formal thing, on a pillow surrounded by bamboo & all that, or maybe in your car, or some place strange? What have your experiences been like?

Thanks again for the artwork, Rachel! :)


  1. This is very helpful, Megan! I always have a hard time meditating, my mind is always racing!


  2. This is really great advice on meditating - it is something I definitely need to try to do more

  3. This is really great, I've tried meditating a couple of times but find it really difficult to clear my mind (there is just too much going on up there) this has inspired me to try again xo

  4. thanks so much for your awesome tips Megan! i just featured it on my monthly muses last week & know a few other people found it super helpful as well. now i really have no excuse to finally give it a better shot