Monday, March 4, 2013

Review & Giveaway: Garden of Life

Do you ever eat meals in the car? I love nothin' more than a snack that travels with a cup of tea in a tumblr, and the view of a morning drive.  But lately I feel like it's difficult to find highly nutritious, affordable breakfast or on-the-go snacks.  A few years ago I used to work at an organic grocery store, which is where I discovered and became fond of these 'Fruits of Life' living food bars from Garden of Life.  They kindly sent me some to review, so if you're interested in pre-made yet high quality & nutrient rich snacks, you may find this helpful!

And hey, I'm giving away a sample pack of all three flavors.  All you have to do is follow this blog using Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin', and leave a comment here with your name, e-mail, and which flavor you predict you'd like best.  Open to U.S. residents only this time, apologies! Accepting comments until Tuesday, March 11th. Winner to be announced March 12th. Easy free food, yay! :P

Overall, I'm very pleased with these products!  They are just jam-packed with vitamins, fiber, protein: all the necessary good stuff! Most of the ingredients are raw foods, and they are sweetened simply with honey (my favorite, like Pooh bear!), so they totally blew my crummy Kashi bars out of the water! I'm giving these a 2 out of 3 with these particular flavors, and maybe I'm spoiled but I do wish there were a few more kinds! There is one other flavor if you look into them though, Chocolate Raspberry, which sounds tasty.  I've described my feelings on their taste & composition anyway, and you can find the nutrition labels and lists of ingredients right here.

Apple Cinnamon "Super Seed" whole food fiber bar: This flavor is delicious! There are SO many sprouted grains in this one, and dates, which I love! It also has almond butter and coconut oil - good skin food I say! Made it nice and moist too.  I'd pair this with a chai tea, mm mm!

Red Raspberry "Perfect Food" whole food greens bar: I wanted to like this flavor, but it just sort of fell short of the other two.  It was much more dry for some reason, and while it tasted vaguely of raspberry it just didn't have a saturated flavor.  It made me feel awesome though, and kept me fuller longer than the previous bars I was eating!

Summer Berry "Fruits of Life" whole food antioxidant matrix bar (a mouthful in itself!): My favorite! I'd describe the taste (and color) of this bar as vibrant or intense.  I ate mine alongside raspberry flavored tea and thought they went together beautifully!

I can't wait to bring these on bike rides and hikes when the weather warms up! Don't forget to enter the giveaway if you'd like to try them. Happy food tasting if you decide to give these a go!


  1. Jillian, I think I would like the apple cinnamon flavor the best!

  2. I like this review, its great! I eat a lot of bars since I'm a college student on the go haha

    Trendy Teal

  3. These look fabulous! and I'm sure I'd love the summer berry flavor the best. Thanks for the great giveaway! - Alison
    blackberrywishes [at] gmail [dot] com