Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Outtakes

Went swimming & learned some water aerobics with Mom :)

Best corned beef of my LYFE from Primo's Deli.

Typical everyday me and the view from my window today.

Studying for a new job - yay!

Water artwork I was drawn to at the hospital.

Went bike shopping with Mr. Blue Sky.

Couldn't resist these panda salt & pepper shakers at the thrift store. They were kind of an insta-buy!


  1. I love these little snapshot posts. I've heard nothing but good things about Primos Deli!

  2. I totally agree - I love these kind of posts. Those pandas are amazing! I'd love to learn sign language, have you done any before? Good luck with your new job xo

  3. I agree too...I love these kinds of posts and seriously need to do them on my blog :-) That water art is the most beautiful thing. And how I want to dive into that corned beef sandwich right now..hehe.

  4. You take the best photos! Those panda salt & pepper shakers are the cutest thing ever. Hope all is well with you!

  5. AH, THOSE S&P SHAKERS ROCK!!! Also, that corned beef sandwich does look delicious. :D

    Jen bought me a gorgeous bike, which I am eagerly awaiting. It's comin' any day now. :D

    That water painting is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  6. what a pretty painting & fun you did water aerobics w/ your mom! do you alreayd know sign or just learning? either way that's really cool! what do u do for work btw? and those shakers are perfect, what a find!