Sunday, April 7, 2013

Daily Life: Happy Making

Sleeping in among a bunch of pillows and sunshine.

Playing games with the fam damily.

Loving these gaudy knit hanger thingies for my rack of shop clothes.

Studying some 'goddess knowledge cards' for fun to use in (predominantly female) yoga classes.  


  1. Lilth is one of my favorites and I often honor Kali. Lovely post!!! That big pillow pile is gorgeous. :D

  2. I love those hangers. SO pretty.

  3. Love those hangers and your pretty clothes :) I love family time too- your little photos make everything look so nice :)


  4. Oh those pillows look so cozy-makes me want to take a nice nap in the sun! I love those hangers so much, what a cute touch they would be for a closet.

  5. looks like such a cozy bed & cards w/ family sounds so nice. i actually have those same hangers! thrifted of course & my guy actually found them & thought they were perfect to not snag my shop items.

  6. I used to have a bunch of those hangers when I worked at the dry cleaners in high school and college. Some lady would stop by and take all of our wire hangers and drop off a few of these that she would make in return. They looked awful in my closet because they were mixed in with other hangers, but beautiful on your rack all organized like that!