Friday, April 5, 2013

Product review: Yogi Tea

Recently, I had the pleasure of trying a few boxes of Yogi Tea.  Fitting, right?  Personally I drink tea for a few reasons: to find ease before sleep (or after waking!), to relieve stress, warm my body, curb cravings, etc.  Compared to coffee, tea is much more gentle, so I try to keep the two sort of in balance.  And I really enjoy what Yogi Tea has to offer!  Here is a quick review of the flavors they sent me:

Blueberry Slim Life (green): This was one of my favorites! I read somewhere recently that drinking green tea boosts your metabolism about 15%.  I just love green tea in general though, especially iced! To combine it with blueberry is just genius.

Honey Lavender Stress Relief (rooibos): This one didn't particularly stand out to me.  They recommend brewing two bags for a stronger cup, so I may actually do that next time I have one but I actually just feel the flavor could use a boost of intensity.

Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy (black and green mate): Love this! I'd call this one my favorite.  It had a nice subtle, sweet orange taste, and for me, I really do react to citrus smells and tastes with an energized feeling.  Plus, the 80mg of caffeine probably helps too (still less than a cup of coffee!)

Calming (herbal): Licorice is one of the main ingredients here, and it is so good! Love the sweet floral flavor.  Can't go wrong with chamomile & lavender for relaxation!

Refreshing Mint Vital Energy (black): I love mint tea, and this was no exception.  Especially with the cinnamon and ginger mixed in.  Definitely spicy and energizing!

Bedtime (herbal):  A before bed sleepy tea is pretty essential for me, and this mix is packed with all the ease into sleep herbs I can think: valerian root, skullcap, chamomile, lavender, oh my! A little honey or agave nectar (ok, and a cookie for dunking!) satisfies my sweet tooth without overindulging before bed, too.

I'm also kind of a sucker for their packaging.  Info on pranayam on the box and positive mantras at the end of my tea bag to meditate on later or as I sip? I'm totally into it.

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  1. Wha?! You are so lucky. I have tried a few Yogi teas and I love them. I have some right now. Amazing review and you introduced some epic new flavors for me to try. <3