Friday, May 17, 2013

Blog Crush #2: She Could Be a Pharmer

1. How would you describe your style?
I'd like to think my style falls somewhere between feminine, geeky, and rock n' roll. My most worn outfits are A-line dresses paired with converse and unexpected accessories.

2. Who are a few of your favorite inspirational bloggers? 
The first fashion blogger I really related with was Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky, and although her blog has changed a lot over the years it still holds a special place in my heart. And she is definitely inspirational. I also find Lauren's blog Introvert's Introduction inspirational because her photos are always so beautiful and well thought out. Annika from The Pineneedle Collective is inspiring because she also blogs about fashion and science, and she actually does the science part every day, not once every six months like some people (aka me).

3. In a nutshell: why do you blog?
I started blogging because I enjoyed reading blogs and wanted to be a more involved part of the community. I also use it as an exercise to build confidence about my writing. While blogging is far from technical writing, I've found that the process of putting my thoughts into words, even in such an informal way, has helped me become a better writer.

4. What do you want your clothes to say about you?
Recently I've been trying to make my clothes say I'm a mature, adult person. On one hand I'm almost 27 years old and most of my contemporaries have real jobs where they dress professionally every day. On the other hand I'm in graduate school, which is a sort of weird, forever childhood space. I think my clothing really shows the battle between these two spheres. Am I college student or an adult? Essentially my clothes are the personification of the Britney Spears song "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman.”

5.  Which styles do you gravitate towards?
I definitely gravitate towards more rock'n'roll style. One of my new favorite blogs is Rock N Rollerr - I want her entire wardrobe. (Of course this style doesn't jive too well with my "trying to look grown up" aspirations.)

6. What kinds of things inspire your sartorial choices?

Science, and general geekdom, definitely inspire me. I spent a large chunk of my life feeling lame for being a geek and feeling like a bitch for being smart. I love that I've reached a point in my life where I'm not just comfortable with those aspects, but I can actually celebrate them. Clothing is an obvious choice because it's so external. I feel the most like myself when I'm wearing a Starcraft t-shirt or a dress that shows off my serotonin tattoo or a math equations necklace. Plus, science/geekdom provide a never ending source of sartorial inspiration!

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