Friday, May 24, 2013

Blogger Interviews: Networking

Recently I was fortunate to learn a few things about networking & social media from these three ladies and I hope you do, too! I asked them which sites they use & which are their favorite, and about how they reach out to or support other blogs. Read on for their wise words!

Chantilly of Chantilly Songs

I've got 'em all! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and of course, my blog. Even though I would like to devote more time to social media, I don't use them all with equal regularity. As for favorites, I used to be super into Facebook, but it's been growing boring to me as of late. In its place, I've been loving Twitter! For some reason, I feel like it's easier to snap off quick thoughts. I also love to use Twitter to keep in touch with people via @ replies! I almost always respond to my @ replies, and a lot of other bloggers do too! I would say Twitter and Pinterest are the most important for bloggers... make sure you are on those sites! To build your following, you can follow the followers of your favorite bloggers (was that a little confusing?) Definitely do some cleanup every now and then though, as it never looks good to be following like, 1,340 people, but only have 82 following you back. Engage with people! @ reply them! Repin their pins!

Also, never be afraid to email your favorite bloggers... you can as them to do a guest post, to ask them to participate in a series, or just to tell them that you think they rock. You don't have to totally kiss their butt, but do make it known how much you respect them. I've found this is probably one of the best ways to truly connect, and make new blogging friends.

[As far as supporting other bloggers] "I organize the Totally Awesome Blog Hop every month. I view it as a community event, where other bloggers can meet each other, and find new friends and favorites. I also will be reprising a series this summer called What I Love About Me. This is a weekly series of guest posts from bloggers that I find awesome, talking about their favorite part of themselves. My goal is to help reverse negative conditioning from society, and help women realize and celebrate the positive aspects of themselves :) Also - I try to comment on other blogs when I can!

Oh my goodness, I am on basically all social media sites, haha. There's... *deep breath* instagram, facebook, twitter, chictopia, lookbook, tumblr,, pinterest, asos fashion finder... and I think that my favourite would have to be instagram, because although I can get lost looking at it for hours and it's the worst for procrastination, I have found some really amazing bloggers, designers and illustrators through it who I would otherwise not know about. Anyway, don't spend all your time stressing out that no one is looking at your site/following you. You do need to be patient. For example, my blog took a good 6 months before anyone started properly following it, and for ages I only had a handful of followers on facebook and twitter! As you produce more content for your blog and social media, you'll slowly see the numbers grow.

I always help out other bloggers when they ask for advice, and I reach out to my favourite blogging ladies through facebook and twitter. Usually, I'll get a reply! I think if you want to reach out to other bloggers and ask short questions (if you want to ask long, difficult questions, you might not get a reply as the other person is likely just too busy), or just to leave comments where they'll be noticed, using facebook and twitter is the way to go.

Katherine from Of Corgis & Cocktails

I use Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook most often. Those are the most used - and I actually prefer Instagram because I am really into photography. I was so excited when it came out for Android. I avoid Foursquare now because I realized it was weird to let people know where I was at every moment - it felt like an invitation for a stalker or something. I had to find a line between sharing and over sharing, and for me personally, that crossed it. My best advice for those new to blogging and social media is to just dive in! Don't be scared to e-mail someone or ask them a question on Twitter.

I support bloggers in lots of different ways! I love working with other bloggers on guest posts, ad exchanges, or just having a nice conversation. I've made some awesome friends this way. I also buy ads, participate in giveaways, and support the girls I admire.


  1. I must say, I agree with all three of these lovely ladies and couldn't agree more. :D GREAT post!!!

    1. Thanks! I enjoyed their responses greatly too :))