Friday, May 31, 2013

May Outtakes

Amazin' little desserts at the Goodwill fashion show.  Read more about that with Jessica & Dina (who flawlessly styled two collections in the show), if you wish!

From a failed outfit shoot.  Be prepared to see this beet t-shirt again, I love it! c/o Katzi Designs

Delicious gifts from Larabar :) Approved again! In fact two other bars they sent me didn't last long enough to make it in this photo.  Peanut Butter Cookie was my favorite anyway, though! 

A new rug in the sun room :)
My house behind a wildflower. From Kaylie's photo session.

Had an amaretto sour (extra cherries, please!) with a friend at a lakeside bar a few days ago.

A robin I found from another hike around my neighborhood. Typically Mr. Blue Sky takes the bird photos :) Happy to have finally taken one m'self!


  1. Also just realized I've met Bethani in the Square before. Also I'm terrified of your newest post and can't bring myself to look at it.