Monday, May 27, 2013

My First Garden

So excited about this little project! Being able to grow my own vegetables has become really important to me, so I'm very grateful I had a chance to plant at my new house.  I had lots of help from friends and family, but I think it was a good opportunity to get together to relax & have fun.   Here are a few things we started with!

Mr. Blue Sky and my Dad did most of the hard work, gotta admit.  Love them for it, though!

Found him in the dirt.  Clearly been through a lot, poor guy!

What we ended up planting :)

Hope you like your new home, little plant!

Complete with creepy yet silly solar-powered cat "security" light, hehe.

Do you keep a vegetable garden? Got any wise advice for we first timers?


  1. cute, i cannot wait to make my own little vegie garden.

  2. I have no advice (sorry!!!) however I can say gardening is such a blast, man. I love seeing fresh foods grow and herbs, as well! I wish you lots of gardening luck! :)

  3. I adore garden posts! Your is going to be an amazing garden! I also have a garden that I tend to. It brings me so much joy.

  4. Gardening is so relaxing and therapeutic. Congrats on your new garden. Can't wait till they start growing, it's such an exciting feeling!