Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Daily Life: Idle Moments

Rainiest summer ever!

Interesting print on a 'new' pair of pjs...

Thrifted denim cross-body bag that goes with everything :)

Some (thrifted, o' course) bracelets for my growing collection.

White chocolate chip stuffed raspberries - easy & healthyish dessert! 


  1. That bag has a ton of pockets and seems to be holding up well! Im pleased with the denim quality too! Its not that ugly, wrinkly, glossy denim. Have gotten many compliments!!! Thanks to kohl coupons

  2. Holy moly I gotta try stuffing raspberries with white chocolate chips...I adore that combination! (was actually one of the flavors of my wedding cake...hehe). Those bracelets are so pretty too! Loverly photos Megan!