Sunday, September 29, 2013

Yoga Wear: Crochet Neutrals

Crochet top: Thrifted
Knit capri leggings: Kohl's

I've been wanting to share my yoga outfits for a long time now!  Unfortunately these photos were taken quickly on a biking adventure I went on yesterday, but you get the idea.  You can see that I'm not really into the athletic look when it comes to active wear.  Mostly I favor breathable cotton leggings or gauchos with comfortable, feminine tops.  Clothing designed specifically for yoga can be quite expensive and to tell you the truth - you don't need a whole separate wardrobe just for yoga, and it's especially convenient if you can wear something in your everyday life straight to the yoga studio.  

Because this top is a little loose and free-flowing, I wear this to low-key yoga classes, but it's also part of my casual/weekend wardrobe.  Generally, you should wear clothing that fits close to the body for a yoga class.  Not necessarily skin tight, just something that won't fall over your head in downward dog.  However, flowy things like this work for yin, low-level (difficulty wise), & restorative classes.  I'll try to show you something I'd wear to a power/more difficult class in the future!

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  1. Aw - your yogawear is so much cuter than mine! I love this Megan - the top is such a pretty piece and looks so comfy for moving around stretching in. I seriously need to rethink what I wear to yoga class...hehe.