Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Books: For Ayurveda

1. Prakriti: Your Ayurvedic Constitution by Dr. Robert E. Svoboda: This book is meant to be an introduction to Ayurveda.  Its focus is to learn more about one's prakriti, one's combination of doshas that they are born with. It's about learning to navigate life according to your true inner nature in combination with the natural world around you.  This book goes in depth about the tendencies and characteristics of a dosha, basic Ayurvedic concepts like diet & nutrition, daily routines, balance & imbalance (disease), and philosophy from this thousand-year-old system.  It is packed with Sanskrit terminology, which is great if you're a language/Sanskrit nerd,  but be prepared to flip back and forth to the glossary or have Google handy while you're reading.  Overall I'm glad to have read it and to keep it for reference, but it was a bit dry, y'know?

2. Perfect Health by Deepak Chopra: I knew this famous name wouldn't disappoint!  Another work that is widely read for a reason.  This book ended up inspiring dialogue in my yoga class, particularly this: he says that 'perfect health' must be chosen, that we must take responsibility for creating the body we live in - and maybe that's part of the reason we come to yoga.  He stressed the importance and amazing effects of meditation, which inspired me to learn more about how to lead someone in it.  I believe he is so popular because he is explains Ayurvedic ideas in a straightforward, concise, even scientific way and provides simple examples that are easy to relate to (coming from a Western culture, that is..).  He not only explains the doshas and lifestyle choices, but he also gets into quantum mechanics of the human body, which...kinda lost me honestly, haha.  But what I think he meant is that essentially: we are able to heal ourselves.  If you are at all interested in Ayurveda this is definitely the best place to start!

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