Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thoughts on: Planning & Organizing with Journals

A little introspection about my daily routine has led me to realize that I've always tended to keep journals.  When I was younger I used the classic lock & key diary, and in high school I used livejournal online and kept a super fancy one for all my silly, sappy poetry.  However, the journals I keep now are a bit more practical.  Besides the regular ole calendar with important dates (the pink one in the photo), I also keep a lined notepad for things like grocery and to do lists, blog post ideas, keeping track of my bank account, and most recently - a food journal.

Keeping a food journal holds me accountable for what I eat.  It helps me be honest with myself.  Sometimes I'll be able to stop a craving because I don't want to add another item to the list.  Bit of an overeater here! Remember I mentioned my tips to avoid overeating awhile back? I'm not the most strict person when it comes to healthy eating, but I do have a sense of what that means and I make small efforts everyday to maintain a happy, balanced life.

So, do you journal and keep lists? What kinds of things do you write about?

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  1. I keep a notebook in my purse with my at all times that I use for everything: lists, random thoughts, shopping lists, balancing my bank account, blog ideas, outfit ideas, meal planning. THEN, I keep one at work for the same thing: projects, meeting minutes etc. I also track what I eat but I do that on my phone in an app. I keep all of my notebooks and refer back to them all the time! I can't live without them!