Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Studio Tour: Release Yoga

Here's another of my favorite yoga spots!  In my New Years resolutions post, I mentioned I wanted to do more hot yoga, so I thought I'd show ya where I do it.  This is one of my favorite studios in Akron.  You can find them on the web right here, if ya like.  And if you're in the area, do stop by for a warm (literally) and friendly yoga class!

Fun apparel in store, for sure.

Pretty journals and some awesome looking books, too.  In fact, they have a library shelf where you can borrow books!

Snacks and drinks available, which is always nice!

And of course plenty of towels for all the sweatin'!

If you're curious about more studios in the Akron/Cleveland area, you can check out a few I've documented in the past.  Here is a studio in Fairport, one in Canton, and one more in Akron.  Anyway, happy yoga-ing, guys!


  1. Ooh this is interesting. I'll have to look in my area and find out if there's hot yoga!

  2. I have no idea what hot yoga is and I've never done yoga, but I want to try it. We should do it once!

  3. New reader! �� I'm finding all these blogs from the NE Ohio area and am so happy about it! I haven't been to this studio yet but I love Yoga Strong in Canton! �� I've added your blog to bloglovin and can't wait to read more!