Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What I wore: Celebrate with Florals

Tiny floral blouse and backpack: Thrifted
Pants: American Eagle
Shoes: Francesca's, first seen here.

                                   Earrings: gift

It finally happened: spring showed up yesterday! So after work, Mr. Blue Sky and I practically flew to the park for a long walk and it really lifted our spirits.  Just like this outfit, for me! Sometimes I lose faith with thrifting because y'know, sometimes you go home with nothing.  But I found this perfect-fitting blouse and super handy backpack last time I went, and I thought they went nicely together.

Sorry I've not been showing my face in photos much, anyway!  Been workin' on my pretty facial expressions, and my camera guy is still learning about angles and lighting, so that's been tough when it comes to outfit photos for us.  Honestly, I have been trying to think creatively about ways to cover my face since I'm so shy about it sometimes. Any ideas? And hey bloggy ladies - what are some challenges you've experienced when taking outfit pictures, and what have you done to "make it work"?


  1. I can't believe you thrifted that awesome bookbag! And this blouse looks perfect on you.

    1) I took those photos at the Riverfront. The back part of where the festivals usually are. Right by the water.

    2) Taking photos is awkward. It just is. So, you gotta get over that. For me, having my boyfriend take photos makes me WAY less awkward. When I don't know what to do with my expressions, I look down or to the side. This works really well to hide yo' face. Also sunglasses make you feel way more like a bad ass. Styling your hair in a way that frames your face (or even bangs) really helps with making your face less of an awkward thing for you.

    You just gotta work with what you do have confidence in. Grab a book, pretend you are reading. Sit down and do some rad yoga poses. AKA what I'm trying to say is use props, find what you are comfortable with.

    There's definitely a learning curve, but number one is being comfortable and confident with yourself. That is the big secret :)

  2. Glad to hear you got some spring weather! I hope you can start to feel more comfortable taking photos. I was WAY more awkward in the beginning, but now after going though a bajillion photos, I have a decent sense of which poses work and which ones don't. You just have to try stuff and see what happens. And don't be afraid to smile!

    I love that top, by the way. So pretty!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  3. Hooray for spring! Your floral print blouse is perfect for celebrating it's arrival :)
    Also, getting photos of yourself is always awkward. Like Jessica said, it just is. But having someone with you who you're comfortable with helps make it more enjoyable! I usually have my best friend or mom take my photos for me. That, or it's me and the tripod. Aha, to avoid direct face shots, I usually look down to the side, let my hair cover the side of my face, or just turn my back to the camera and casually look to the side so the profile of my face is seen, but it's still vague.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. You guys are doing a good job with the photos. Keep it up! Also that blouse... just yes :)


  5. Aw, that backpack is the cutest! I agree, it does pair nicely with your beautiful floral top. I love when you find items like that while thrifting! I cringe when I look back at some of my archives and see how I struggled with facial expressions in photos, haha. Now I just smile when I don't know what to do! Pictures will always turn out well if you have a genuine smile on your face because a smile is always uplifting :)

  6. It's incredible what a little bit of fresh air can do for our souls! That backpack is so 90s and I love it!

    You know it's funny, most people feel more relaxed when they have someone else take their photos and I find I do so much better when it's just me, my tripod, and remote! I take my time until I get the shot I feel most comfortable with. It is a little uncomfortable but after trial and error, I've found a few angles that seem to work out. Listen to music or do something that relaxes you and before you know it you will get the best shot! I also like to take photos in the shade that way I'm not squinting and the shadows are soft.

  7. I LOVE that bag that you thrifted, it is beautiful! And I agree with the above gals statements - I always am looking down to the side in at least half of my photos, I don't like direct camera shots either :)

    xo Hannah