Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What I wore: The Bird Dress

Bird dress: Mart of China
Capri leggings: Kohl's

Leather ballet flats: Thrifted

Well, looks like I'm officially addicted to printed a-line dresses. Though, I might even call this more of a tunic?  Luckily for Mart of China, I'm 5'4", so it's almost a dress, or just quite a short one I guess (hence the leggings).  Luckily for me, this dress was under 20 bucks. While it's the quality you'd expect, it does fit comfortably and seems sturdy. And I mean, that crazy bird print? I totally had to cave and make this little fast fashion gem mine. Wild birds are my favorite, y'know? If you're thinking about ordering from them, this dress is an XL and I'm dress size 12 - hope that helps!  Anyway, because it's such a loud print, I really tried to keep everything else to a minimum when I wore it to meet with a college adviser. I like the idea of dressing for the job you want while you're still in school - nothin' wrong with being a little overdressed, right?


  1. Oh my gosh, your dress is stunning!
    Love it :)

  2. Oh, this dress is just adorable! I'm in love!


  3. What a fun dress! I have a similar print one I found on ebay but I really like the cut of this one!