Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What I wore: Bright Future

Skater dress: Forever21

Black lace bike shorts: H&M

Here are a few quick photos from a bike ride I took around Kent State's campus recently.  I thought (or rather, Mr. Blue Sky thought, ahem) this modern structure would make a good backdrop for this slightly spacey, almost futuristic...I don't even know how to categorize it! Some kind of active wear, scuba suit/tennis inspired thing.  And then too, the words obnoxiously bright come to mind.  It kind of was obnoxious when lots of people felt the need to give me a reaction to it, usually starting with "wow!" lol But hey it was fun to try something new and I feel it's perfectly logical (and safe!) to wear this on bike rides and when walking for exercise, y'know? Plus, I just think neons are fun for summer!


  1. I totally feel the same way when trying out colors I don't usually wear. I am loving both the color and cut of your dress though! Hope you're having a wonderful day!

  2. This dress is so awesome and different from you. I think it's perfect.

  3. Super neon! I love that you paired it with those shoes too!! So awesome