Sunday, August 10, 2014

Community, or Sangha

1. Rachel who writes For the Birds 2. Me! 3. Abby at Les Bottes D'Eleanor 4. Jessica from Midwest Muse

Let's talk yogic philosophy - you know: ideas, principles, mental disciplines..that kind of stuff.  An idea I've learned through yoga classes that I've thought about heavily for recent years now, in Sanskrit, is called sangha.  In English, it is "a supportive community." What does that look like in your life? This is what one of my communities looks like. Today I got to hang out with a few other local bloggers to take outfit photos, tinker with crafts (I'll try to photograph what I "made"), graze on light summery foods, and talk blog stuff & beyond! When you meet people who understand the things you love (aw, blogging I love you..haha), it really nourishes a part of the soul.

Community, to me, simply means helping people.  It means admitting you are not some lone, shiny, all-important star with everyone else revolving around you.  No person on Earth can do all the things they want to do alone, that's a fact. And when people come together to share & accomplish things, well that's the magic of sangha.  Blogging is a fun one woman show, but it gets lonesome, it being the introvert paradise that it is.  So today I felt very grateful for their uplifting presence and good advice.  I only hope I can return the favor. Never forget to give back or show love to the people who support you, right?


  1. I couldn't agree more! Sounds like a wonderful, uplifting kind of day. We always need those sprinkled throughout our year, right? Plus how fun connecting with other ladies who have so many interests in common. Love that photo too Megan!

    1. Thanks, Marisa! Funny you should comment, we wished we could visit you! Cool & close that you are! ;)

  2. This is awesome, Megan! I love your posts, so glad I found your blog through the 330's Facebook page!

  3. Such a good idea for a photo op, you have a great eye! Love all of our prints! So glad we got to get together. Totally agree on the blessing of a supportive community! <3

  4. I love this and the way you see yogic principle in your own life :) It's totally inspiring! I wish I had some local blogger friends in my own town but it's definitely not a prominent thing happening in my community! It's awesome that you were able to connect with some awesome girls in your community :)


  5. It seriously was a great "craft"ernoon. Great conversation and bonding (and food)!

    Can't wait for our next get-together!


  6. Such a great post! You are so right x

  7. These relationships in all areas of our lives are very important. Looks like you all had a great summer afternoon.