Friday, September 5, 2014

Books: For Understanding Deafness

1. I'll Scream Later by Marlee Matlin: I'm a pretty big fan of this lady, gotta say! Her movie "Children of a Lesser God" is actually what inspired me to take up signing.  She's seriously an awesome actress, she is THE deaf woman on TV, really, some of my favorites being Switched at Birth and  The L Word. I actually saw her in person when she gave a lecture at Kent State last year. So this is her autobiography where she talks about her struggles with her love life, being sexually abused, going to rehab, winning an Oscar, and eventually motherhood.  It was an easy read and I really enjoyed learning about her, I recommend it if you like her acting work!

2. Mean Little Deaf Queer by Terry Galloway: Absolutely loved this one.  Galloway's writing is colorful and kinda raw, very honest and straightforward, especially about her struggles, which were with her deafness, bulimia, and sexuality.  She leaves no details unsaid, and writes in way that makes you feel close to her - she's just a grand storyteller.  Galloway is a fighter for the rights of those with disabilities and I really appreciated her messages and anecdotes about that.  Check it out if you're looking for an entertaining read with hilarity and heart!

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