Sunday, November 9, 2014

What I wore: Amethyst & Quartz

Purple sweater: Urban Outfitters
Pink tiny floral dress: Thrifted (first seen here) 

Jewelry: Festival vendor

Hat: Thrifted

Boots: Thrifted (as seen here)

Here's an outfit I've been wearing a lot lately! I even wore it on my birthday back in October.  The colors were kinda inspired by gemstones here, and I also just happen to really like pink and purple together for some reason. Just a super girly combination, I guess!  By the way, I hope I can get back to a more regular posting schedule, although I gotta say taking a "vacation" from social media should be doctor recommended these days!


  1. That dress is gorgeous and you look so cosy in your hat, cardigan and boots. I love social media vacations - they should be mandatory for at least a couple of days a month xo

  2. If I had that cardigan, I think I would live in it. It looks so cozy!