Saturday, November 22, 2014

What I wore: Teal is the New Green

Camo sweater, scarf: Target
Olive jacket: Forever21
Skirted leggings: Prana

Convertible gloves: Steve Madden

So, how do you feel about camo print? Personally I've never particularly liked it until I found this sweater.  In fact, being more of a peace & love gal y'know, I actually sort of had an aversion to it. I've given that up though, because obviously, just because a person might wear camo print doesn't mean they support war. With that said, I just love a comfy green sweater! I thought the neutral tones and subtle pattern complimented this bright teal color, which is my new favorite.  I have a lot of green clothes, so sometimes I like to pile them on in a monochromatic look, like I have in the past.  Teal is still in that green comfort zone, but a bit more fun! Speaking of monochromatic outfits, it looks like I've stocked up on a bunch of orange pieces, so stayed tuned for lots of orange looks these next few months! 


  1. When I saw that you are from Ohio, I just had to stop by :) I spent a semester in Ohio last year and since I somehow love it! Your blog is really cute and I love that pretty scarf you are wearing in here!

  2. You look awesome, Megan! The greens and blues look beautiful together. I don't have any camo- but if I found the right piece I think I would try wearing it. Great post and fun reading your blog again :)

    xo, Alyssa