Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What I wore: Athletic Stripes

Coat: Calvin Klein
Orange sweater: Target
Metallic striped leggings: Forever21

Hat & skirt: Thrifted

Here's an oddly athletic or active wear inspired, city streets sort of look!  I wore this on a casual Sunday date at the zoo, to go grocery shopping, and for a few afternoon walks around my neighborhood.  I say odd because I've not always been an active person. Ever since my early 20's, my enjoyment for physical exercise has grown 10 fold.  In fact, I have just recently discovered my university's gym, and have had a couple of really fun visits.  So I s'pose that's why I'm inspired by active wear more here on the blog these days! And like I said in my last post, orange is one of my new color inspirations.  It's just a happy color, y'know?

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