Saturday, January 24, 2015

What I wore: Winter Outtakes 2015

Sweater dress: Thrifted
Coat: Wilson's Leather

Cropped sweatshirt: Forever21
Pleated skirt: Kohl's

Sometimes things just don't work out how you envisioned, you know? I mean, sometimes they do, and it's great! But that was not the case with these photo sessions haha.  I was only able to nab just these few from the sets that were taken because a lot of the shots just didn't turn out. Sometimes the photos are too blurry or out of focus, the lighting washed out the image, and more often than not, I'm making a silly facial expression.  Modeling for photos is not always quick and easy, let me tell ya! Anyway, I compiled a similar post last year, so feel free to check out 2014's winter outtakes if you're curious.

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  1. I hear ya! It's seems for me that in the cold, my hub's can simply not take steady photos because his hands are freezing so much, hehe. I give it to anyone that does it themselves with a tripod. What you did capture is lovely though and I am absolutely in love with that outfit - what a cute and comfy looking combo :-) I need to wear more sweatshirts with skirts like that.