Sunday, January 31, 2016

Fall Outtakes 2015

Ralph Lauren dress: Macy's
Cropped cashmere cardigan: Secondhand
Gold tights & purple boots: Target

So, I had a few photo sessions that didn't produce as many photos as I would have liked, so I'm finally getting around to clumping them together in one go. I've done posts like this before here, here and here! For this first outfit, truth be told, I wore this dress for Halloween AND Thanksgiving. I couldn't find the perfect elements for some costumes I had in mind, so I decided I just wanted to wear a pretty dress. And then of course a babydoll dress is perfect for eating so I had to wear it on Thanksgiving, too! Haha. This cardigan is a really unique item because it was given to me by a college professor. She brought a bunch of her old clothes in to give away to students and I've said it before and I'll say it again - it's kinda special to have a piece of clothing to remember someone by!

Tiny gold skull necklace: Black Persimmons

Black thermal long sleeve: Old Navy
Open cardigan with pockets: Target
Studded bag & plaid skirt: Thrifted

Leaf chain ring: Love Diamonds Forever
Compass ring: Laonato 

As for this outfit, one of my new favorite things is tiny gold jewelry, so I wear the pieces pictured here pretty often. The leaf ring is actually my engagement ring, but after having it sized twice and still not fitting my freakishly small hands, I decided to let it live on my middle finger for awhile. So for now I wear the compass on my ring finger, a silly little stand-in for the time being. The leaves and compass are significant to me because they signify the many walks Mr. Blue Sky and I take in the woods. I've come to see this activity as symbolic of our life together. Anyway, 'til the next outfit do we meet again!


  1. These are two of my favorite outfits of yours! I love the dress of the first and how well the color looks on you. Also I am so into the idea of your professor bringing in her old clothes. Seriously rad.

    I love the skirt in the second. It's very flattering and very on trend. I have yet to try this skirt style, but I'm so in love with it and your rings are so pretty!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Jessica! I really value your opinions on my outfits, hope that isn't too nerdy to say. And I hope you find a button down skirt soon! :)