Sunday, January 24, 2016

What I wore: Tribal Influence

Gray cable knit sweater: American Eagle
Scarf: Locally made from this event
Quilted skirt: Prana

Embroidered bag and beaded earrings: Local Yoga studio I first wrote about here.

I've had this skirt since last year and I wear it all the time, it's so warm and comfy! It's lined with fleece on the inside and so are these tights, so there's a winter fashion secret for ya if you didn't know. So yeah, this ensemble combined with a nice long puffer coat, a hat and some gloves, is totally warm enough for me to wear to walk around campus all day or go for a walk in the woods. In fact, I found this abandoned house while taking a walk around my neighborhood and knew I had to take outfit photos here. Speaking of new outfit photo locations, I actually found another one and I can't wait to design the shoot! So, 'til then :)


  1. Wow! I love that purse! It's so cute! I also like the color of the building! It matches your outfit!

  2. Dying over everything about this! The colors are just perfect!

  3. These colors are so great on you and you look so ridiculously cozy. Also I really like this house and kind of want to hang out on those steps.