Sunday, November 27, 2016

What I wore: Urban Elizabethan

Gray fleece skirt: Thrifted

Sweater seen before here.

The graffiti in this particular location often changes; I notice because I often walk it, it is the path to a friend's house. I saw the weird sun-like art and snapped it quickly, but then noticed above it that it read: "with all do respect, hail Satan and take meth!" Which is creepy and quite sad...

Knitted pompom collar necklace: c/o Above the Canopy

I'm not sure I've shared this here before, but I am a big fan of TV re-tellings of the Queen Elizabeth I story (and other monarchs of the time). When I saw this necklace? Collar? Wearable piece of art? I decided it is the closest thing I have to her infamous collars. This piece was an Etsy find, and the more I found out about the maker the more I wanted to support the product. Lizzy, the artist, uses environmentally-conscious materials to make her knitted necklaces which are comfortable, functional, and unique. As per usual, I decided to play with textures here with rib knits, fleece, and nylon. The first time I wore this sweater it was styled in more of a sporty, athletic wear way, whereas this time around I was going for feminine but functional, again in an urban setting during the cold months. This shade of orange is a little shocking, so I kept everything else simple and let the color and necklace be the points of interest for this outfit. I think this is one of those colors that looks great on anyone!

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